How to ask for the duplicate of your credit card statement?


Credit cards are small items, but of great importance these days. To buy with ease and convenience, often using it is best demanded. However, losing the card’s bill could be detrimental and a headache for the cardholder, since the delay in payment entails considerable interest.

Not having the invoice in hand is an inconvenience to which all credit card users are subject. But if you lose yours, know that resolving the situation is easier than it sounds. Check out the following tips on how to request the duplicate ticket.

Use the bank or store that manages the card

Use the bank or store that manages the card

Those who lose the invoice of the card can request the second copy directly at the bank, through face-to-face service with management. There is also the possibility of informing the number of your agency and account in the page of the financial institution. At banks’ websites, there is usually access to all invoices, as well as tracking the limits and tracking purchases that have been made.

On the other hand, if the card is administered by stores that have their own cards, the customer must request the issuance of the second line in person to those companies or through their respective official pages. Often, the cardholder first looks for the digital payments operator, but it is the commercial companies and banking institutions that release credit limits, send invoices, negotiate and authorize the issuance of duplicate.

Access the card carrier’s website

Because each card operator has a specific policy regarding the invoice’s second-track request, it is important to access the card banner’s virtual page in order to check step-by-step to request your ticket. Usually, the online page redirects the user to the website of the banking institution or company responsible for issuing the invoice. It is worth noting that this is not a rule, as the procedures vary from institution to institution.

Phone card center

Phone card center

The back of the credit card usually lists the telephone numbers of the Call Centers. In case of doubts about the invoice, including the issue of duplicate, it is important to call the Central and inform about the procedure to request a new route. To facilitate communication and speed up service, have the card data in hand. It is worth mentioning that in the capitals and metropolitan regions the operation has local connection costs. For other locations the connection is free.

Online invoice

Online invoice

Some banks and stores with their own credit card already offer the online invoice service. If you choose this mode of payment, the customer will be notified via e-mail whenever the ticket is closed, in addition to being able to view the invoice, download it and print it directly from the computer. In this way, the card user does not run the risk of losing the invoice or paying interest if the ticket does not arrive on time.

It is important to be aware of the bills so that they do not become pending for a small detail: the lack of the ticket. Do not expect to get an interest to remind yourself that you could ask for a duplicate.


How to use a credit card: to become richer


Most of us are accustomed to think: a credit card exists in order to pay for the necessary purchase, for which there is not enough money now. But actually buying essential goods on credit is a direct path to the debt trap. After a few months, instead of the credit limit on the card, you will only have a mandatory monthly payment that you will make over the next few years.

But in fact, a credit card can be used so as not to pay interest to the bank, but, on the contrary, to receive the benefit yourself. To do this, you just need to follow 4 simple rules:

  1. Do not bring matters to interest.
  2. Earn cashback and interest on the balance.
  3. Use credit card as collateral.
  4. Never withdraw cash from a card.

And you will become a little richer. And now we will tell you more about each of them.

Do not bring to pay interest

Do not bring to pay interest

Most of the credit cards offered by various banks have a so-called grace period. Most often, this period lasts for 50 to 60 days, but sometimes it reaches a period of 120 days. And if you make a purchase with a credit card, but during the grace period you have time to pay off the debt to the bank, the bank does not charge you interest for using the money. You pay exactly the amount paid for the purchased goods, and no more . Choose yourself just such a card. How to use it correctly?

Let’s assume that you have planned a flight to the Crimea, but you do not have money for air tickets. Can I use a credit card in this case? Remember: to cover the deficit between incomes and expenses at the expense of a loan is fraught with falling into a financial pit. If you do not have money for tickets, you first need to find a way to earn them or know exactly when they will appear.

But consider another situation. You know for sure that your wages will be transferred, say, on December 25th. Of this amount, you can safely buy a ticket to Simferopol for 7,200 rubles. But you saw that from December 10 to December 15, the airline has a special offer, during which it sells tickets to the flight of interest for 1 100 rubles cheaper. You cannot buy this ticket during the promotion period. In this case, you do not have enough money to pay. But you can use a credit card with a grace period (grace-period crediting)! And then after receiving the salary during the grace period, return the amount borrowed from the bank. In this case, you will not pay interest to the lender. And at the same time save 1 100 rubles, using the promotional offer of the airline. Thus, you received a loan and did not incur any additional financial expenses, and you still remained “in the black”.

Earn cashback and interest on the balance

Earn cashback and interest on the balance


We can tell you about another way to make extra money on credit cards. But for this, in addition to the credit card, you must also have a debit payment card framed , on which your own earned money should lie . Consider an example. Suppose you spend an average of 35,000 rubles a month to purchase goods and services. The amount not less than this monthly comes to your salary card. Plus, you still have a cashback credit card. Choose those credit cards whose service costs 0 rubles per year.

As a rule,% cashback on credit plastic is higher than on debit, so it is more profitable to pay for purchases with credit funds. In accordance with the bank card terms, sellers of goods and services will refund you a certain percentage of your spending in the form of bonuses. With expenses in the amount of 35,000 rubles per month, you will accumulate approximately 400-1500 bonus points, which will become your additional income.

Do not forget during the grace period to transfer the money you have spent from payroll plastic to credit . In this case, the bank will not pay interest for using borrowed funds. And the received bonus points will remain to you, and you can spend them at your discretion.

Even better, if the option of interest on the balance is connected to your debit card account . And if you calculated your credit card within a month, then the same 35,000 rubles remained intact on your debit card, and the bank will charge you an interest on this amount at the end of the month (rates usually vary from 3 to 7% per annum). You can earn another 150-270 rubles a month on this (depending on the card conditions).

Then, when you are paid a monthly payment on your payroll plastic, you will transfer the money to a credit card and pay off the debt. The main thing is to have time to do it during the grace period. On the debit card, you will have a minimum balance of at least the amount of your monthly expenses (after all, you pay all the expenses with a credit card).

It is clear that you will not be able to earn any large amount this way. But acting under this scheme, you will use the money of the bank, you will not pay interest for it, and you will receive additional income . And let for one month you earn only a cup of coffee with dessert. But if you begin to save the money received, then in a year you will be able to save up for good headphones. And in a few years you will receive a free laptop.

Leave a credit card as collateral

credit card as collateral

You can also leave credit plastic as collateral without using your personal funds. The security deposit may be required, for example, by a company that rents out bicycles or even cars. The amount of the pledge when renting a car is from 10 to 50 thousand rubles (depending on the brand of car). The rental company can reserve the amount of the deposit (deposit) on the client’s card (it is not necessary to present it and leave the payment instrument with personal funds). And if the client passes the car to the owner without damage after the lease expires, the deposit on the card is unlocked, the reserved amount remains intact. The percentage for using the money you do not pay. At the same time you get a car rental service without attracting your own funds.

Loans for studies, Masters and University students.


Having studies is increasingly important in order to find a good job. The unemployment lists are full of unemployed people with studies but who see how changes in the labor market and the demands of employment of companies force them to be more and more trained and have better studies. That has caused many unemployed to have returned to the University or are pursuing postgraduate and master’s degrees.

But high tuition fees, both in private training centers and public school fees, are causing an increase in student loans. All this causes that people who want to improve their curriculum vitae by expanding their studies have to get more money to be able to finance their university and graduate studies.

Knowing that getting a good job, or just a first job, allows you to get income to be able to return the credit studies. Fortunately, there are many companies and financial institutions that offer loans to study.

Loans for university students

Loans for university students

Most banks offer loans to finance university students, that is, the enrollment of courses, postgraduate programs, master’s degrees, or university studies. The operation of these credits to study are very similar to any personal loan, but the main difference is in the repayment terms and the amount to be financed.

For example, when financing the master’s degree studies, you can talk about 35,000 euros credits to return in a maximum of 8 years. While to finance university studies, ie a career or full university degree, we can talk about credits of up to 60000 euros to be returned to 10 years.

For example, the Credit for Studies and Courses of Banco Sabadell that grants up to 15,000 euros to be repaid in 10 years, both to finance school courses, specialization courses and even languages. Although Banco Sabadell also grants financing for university studies.

Another of the financial institutions that offers loans for studies is Apobank with its Creditorio Studies, providing financing for books, tuition fees, school supplies, travel and subsistence expenses (student and similar flats both in Spain and abroad).

It offers novel advantages such as postponing the loan payment up to 3 consecutive periods of 6 months. The Studies Credit offers a maximum loan amount of 30000 euros, with a total maximum term based on the maximum duration of the studies plus an additional 5 years. Being a loan for long-term studies, the interest rate is not fixed but variable, linked to Euribor.

The loans for university studies Tuition Blue, offer financing to study from 6000 euros to return to 9 months and with a grace period in the payment of capital and interest of up to 6 months. Or the Supercredit 4 of Openbank that finances studies of up to 18,000 euros to 5 years.

Almost all of these loans are usually at a fixed interest rate, over 6%. Although you can also find loans for studies at a variable interest rate, with a differential over the Euribor around 4%. Another common characteristic of the studies credits is that there are opening commissions, normally between 1% and 3%. Another characteristic typical of loans for studies is that they usually have a grace period, that is, a maximum of 24 months in which no capital is returned from the loan but simply interest is paid. This is because in the first years is when the students of the course, postgraduate, university, or master’s degree are still studying or looking for work.

So they do not have an improvement in income due to having completed some higher education. However, not all are equal and that is why it is essential to use an online comparator such as SMS Credit. Regarding the conditions and documentation to be able to obtain loans for studies, it is usually the following:

  • Ability to pay the monthly installments of the loan, so in the case of loans for university studies the family usually endorses the young student.
  • Provide the necessary documentation of income level, payroll or income statements, as well as equity.
  • Contract other products, especially for young university students, to link the client with the entity. Especially an insurance to avoid the non-payment of the loan.

Loans for postgraduate studies and master’s degrees

Loans for postgraduate studies and master

Undoubtedly the most demanded studies by unemployed and workers who want to improve in their job, are postgraduate and master studies. However, getting a master’s degree is not only difficult but also expensive, which means that you have to get money by using credits to study this type of course. That is why many training centers have agreements with credit institutions to finance postgraduate and master’s studies.

These loans for postgraduate studies allow covering expensive tuition fees for higher education, and that is why there are many banks that offer loans of this type. For example, Apobank through Credi Estudios Superiores offers funding for postgraduate and master’s degrees both in Spain and abroad. Or the BBVA Master Blue a loan that finances up to 50000 euros to 10 years and with a grace period of 2 years. One of the great advantages of this credit for studies is that the repayment term reaches up to 8 years with a grace period, in which only interest is paid, up to 24 months. Another of the loans for postgraduate studies or master’s degree is the so-called Master loan from Catsubank.

A financing for masters that allows a return period based on the duration of the studies, with a maximum of 8 years. With a term of lack of capital payment of up to 2 years and a loan amount to finance postgraduate and master’s degrees of up to 60000 euros.

What undoubtedly allows access to the best master’s and business schools. Or postgraduate and master’s degrees to study at prestigious foreign schools such as Stanford, Harvard Business School, London Business School, MIT, etc.

Loans for studies abroad

Loans for studies abroad

In addition to the master’s degree studies at foreign universities and business schools, the most common are studies abroad within the European ERASMUS program. That allows to study courses of careers and university degrees outside of Spain. The drop in scholarships for studies abroad has led to an increase in loans for studies abroad.

These are very similar to the rest of the studies credits but with the characteristic that they can finance foreign studies of up to 18,000 euros to be returned between 1 and 8 years. Examples of this type of credits is the Erasmus Master Loan of the social bank of Apobank, Microbank.

Where students can apply for loans for studies abroad of master’s degree of 12,000 euros for a course abroad or up to 18,000 euros for two courses.

Like other credits to study have commission opening, but the big advantage is that you can get this loan for studies without endorsement. Another type of loan for studies abroad with the Erasmus program is the Tranders loan to finance the cost of accommodation abroad, transportation, and the expenses derived from university studies with a maximum of 6000 euros to be returned in a term of up to 3 years, including 1 year of grace in the repayment of the capital of the loan.

Another of the credits found in the market for financing university studies is the Bankers, an entity that bets on loans for both national and foreign university studies. This credit for studies abroad finances up to 18,000 euros for students and graduates up to 31 years included.

The repayment term is maximum 4 years, with a 1 year grace period in the payment of the loan capital, linked to the Euribor and opening commission.

Loans for university studies

University studies are one of the most chosen options for workers, young people, and the unemployed, who wish to improve their studies. When seeking funding for university studies, scholarships can be used from the Ministry of Education or the Autonomous Communities, although the amount is usually low and the requirements are very demanding.

That is why it is very normal to resort to loans for university studies, especially if the enrollment is very high. That is why a guarantee is usually needed, normally granted by the family in the case of young students, to grant this type of loans for university studies. That’s why there are many credits that allow financing university studies such as the Loan Enrollment of Banco Popular that offers a maximum of 6000 euros to pay for university studies and return within a maximum period of 1 year.

One of the banks that most bet on university students is Bankate, the great rival of BBVA, with loans for university studies such as the Total Career Loan that offers financing for studies of up to 56,000 euros, or the Total University Credit of Bankate that allows obtaining loans for university studies with up to 80000 euros of financing.

What allows to study in the best Universities of Spain ( ESADE, Complutense University, Pompeu Fabra University, Autonomous University of Madrid, Carlos III University, University Pontificia de Comillas, etc ) and abroad (University of Chicago, Stanford, Harvard, University od Pennsylvania, etc). Another loan from Bankate to finance the payment of more economical university fees is the Supercrédito Enrollment that offers financing of up to 6000 euros for students with a maximum age of 24 years, with a maximum repayment term of 12 months.

Mini loan with immediate payment – Get small loan immediately


Mini loan with immediate payment – Guide

Mini loan with immediate payment - Guide

Many households know the situation. Suddenly a high bill flutters into the house, which can not wait. Unfortunately, to pay the necessary money is missing. The current account is nothing more, because the Dispo is exhausted to the limit. The friends and relatives are also just broke and the person concerned is alone with the unpaid bill. These are exactly the moments for which a mini-loan would be ideal. This market gap has been discovered by some financial service providers. For quite some time there is this financing model. It is aimed exactly at the situation described, because a mini loan is not about high loan amounts and long maturities, but it should be bridged in the short term, a financial shortage.

What is a mini loan with immediate payment?

What is a mini loan with immediate payment?

A mini credit is characterized by the small amount. Customers can get up to 600 euros with a term of two months. The minimum amount is even lower. Already for 100 euros a mini loan with immediate payment can be requested. The term is ideal, because even the small amounts can be paid in two monthly installments. The payment can be made on request and for a corresponding surcharge on the same day by a lightning transfer. Only a few offer this business model. The conventional banks are the effort too large. Here, the loan amounts start only at 1,000 euros.

How does a mini loan with immediate payment work?

How does a mini loan with immediate payment work?

The mini loan with immediate payment is applied for online. As with a conventional installment loan, the claimant must also provide personal information. Also, the income statements and the current bank statements must be within reach. After all the data has been entered in a form and forwarded to the bank, an acknowledgment or refusal is received within a few seconds. The procedure is carried out by default, which is why a quick response is possible. Providers no longer use the Postiden process for the legitimization process, but have switched to the more convenient videoident process. So a legitimation is possible directly on the PC. This shortens the process and the processing time.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

A mini loan can be applied for by any professional. Even freelancers and the self-employed have the opportunity to do so, which is not a matter of course with normal installment loans. Negative entries in the private credit must not exist. Two providers are the only exception. Neofunding and Viloan may also have negative private credit entries if they are not severe. Then it works with a mini loan immediate payment despite private credit.

What are the costs for a mini loan with immediate payment?

What are the costs for a mini loan with immediate payment?

Overall, this question can not be answered, because the prices of each provider are different. It also depends on what additional services the borrower books. A lightning transfer can be quite expensive. It should not be forgotten that the costs are not so important due to the low loan amount.

What do I have to keep in mind so that the loan is paid out within 24 hours?

What do I have to keep in mind so that the loan is paid out within 24 hours?

If you need the money fast, you have to choose a provider that offers lightning transfers. For this to work, the application and the transmission of documents must be completed as early as possible in the morning. On the side of the provider, the time is noted until when the documents must be received. These companies offer the new videoident legitimacy process to speed things up. The customer no longer has to take long ways to the post office or queue in the long queue at the counter. Everything can be done from home. This requires a PC, an internet connection and a webcam. To identify, the user must hold his identity card in front of the camera and can identify himself so quickly and easily. The required documents can be uploaded just as quickly.

Who offers a mini credit with immediate payment?

Who offers a mini credit with immediate payment?

Neofunding, Express Loan, Viloan, Meelending and the Zaloan direct money offer are the providers of a mini loan with immediate payment. The cost of this mini loan vary and can be viewed directly from the providers. There is no prepayment or other hidden costs. All costs are listed in detail. This applies in particular to selected special benefits, which are chosen in addition to the mini-credit.

Mini loan without private credit with immediate payment

Mini loan without Schufa with immediate payment

A mini loan is possible with two of the mentioned providers. These are Neofunding and Viloan. Here the procedure is not carried out according to the standard procedure. Here you take your time for each case. However, if it turns out that the economic situation of the applicant is so bad, then there is no loan commitment. However, a mini-loan immediate payment despite private credit is possible if the entries there are not so severe or if an endorsement note is behind the entry.

Why should a mini loan be applied for?

Why should a mini loan be applied for?

A mini loan has its advantages. If, for example, the checking account is stretched to the limit and no more loans out, then the mini loan is the last resort. Basically, it is nothing more than a Dispo, which you can use at short notice, only much cheaper. After all, most banks require double-digit interest on account overdraft. In the long run that really goes into the money.

Mini loan for purchases

Mini loan for purchases

It is not recommended to use a mini loan with immediate payment for purchases. The money should really only be applied for in an emergency. For the purchase of consumer goods, he is inappropriate and misses the actual meaning. A mini loan should only bridge the time until the next cash receipt. He is meant for that. A proof does not have to be provided, because the purpose is free. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the borrower not to apply lightly for the instant loan mini loan.

The insurance

The insurance

The financial service providers demand a minimum income from regular work. Unemployed people have little chance of such a loan. The conclusion of a residual debt insurance is not necessary, because these are relatively small loan amounts. That would also unnecessarily cost. If the mini loan with immediate payment is not repaid on time, then a dunning procedure threatens. In this, this mini loan does not differ from other loans. Similarly, a negative entry in the private credit.Anyone who does not repay a mini loan with immediate payment in due time and a dunning procedure must be initiated, blocked any chance of another loan.

Self-employed and freelancers

Self-employed and freelancers

This profession usually has difficulty getting a loan. Not so with a mini loan. As proof of their income situation, they have to submit more documents than other bank customers. These include balance sheets, income and surplus accounts and income tax returns. Only after a detailed examination of the submitted documents is a final acceptance or rejection.

Mini loan without private credit with immediate payment

Neofunding and Viloan do not require advance payment, as is sometimes the case with private credit-free loans. As soon as advance payment comes into play, the loan seeker should avoid such offers. At Neofunding and Viloan, the worries and hardships of those seeking money are taken seriously, rather than being ripped off.

The following advantages are offered to consumers with a mini loan with immediate payment:

  • Can be conveniently applied online
  • Verification is done through the videoident method, which truncates the procedure
  • A payment is possible by lightning transfer even on the same day, at the latest within 24 hours
  • Even with a negative private credit a mini loan with immediate payment can be applied for
  • Can also be requested by self-employed and freelancers
  • No conclusion of a residual debt insurance mandatory.

Frequent rejection reasons for a mini loan

Frequent rejection reasons for a mini loan

Even a mini loan can be refused after the application. The most common reason for refusal is a very bad credit rating. But there are other reasons why a mini loan can be rejected. The most common reasons are:

  • no monthly income available
  • there is an affidavit
  • incomplete or incorrect information in the application
  • The borrower is not registered in Germany

Final to a mini loan

A mini loan with immediate payment is a completely new business model that has not been on the market for long. Banks are having a hard time with a low-lending loan. These market gaps have recognized these financial portals for themselves and offer consumers the short-term way of raising money. This loan serves as a short-term bridging until the next money comes. But who is constantly in checkout before the next cash receipt should refrain from it and think of other ways, because the mini loan with immediate payment can tear a hole in the budget, if anyway the money is always missing. Therefore, a mini loan with immediate payment should really be chosen only in an emergency. Otherwise there are difficulties that you should definitely avoid.

Loan for Marriage

Do you need a loan to get married? Marriage is the culmination of a dream that deserves to be realized. Plan the best day of your life with Marriage Loan.

  • 1 What are Marriage Loans?
  • 2 Which Financing to apply for a wedding?
  • 3 What do I need to apply for a marriage loan?
  • 4 Estimate Loan for marriage


What are Marriage Loans?

Loan for marriage

Marriage Loans allow you to receive the sum required to meet the wedding expenses. Expenses for a wedding are countless, such as the purchase of clothes, lunch in a themed restaurant, wedding favors, cake, wedding rings, photographer, musicians, car rental, honeymoon, etc. ..

The Financing may be requested by one of the future spouses or perhaps by a parent, as we offer a Loan product for retirees up to 90 years . The other solutions are the Assignment of the Fifth and Personal Loans for Employees and Pensioners.


Which financing to request for a wedding?

Which financing to request for a wedding?


The Loan to be requested varies according to the needs of the applicant. In fact, Personal Loans are famous for their speed of delivery and are required by those who have an immediate need (in some cases they are paid in 24/48 hours).

While for the Cession of the Fifth the times are extended up to 15 days. Unlike the Personal Loan, the Loan with Assignment does not perform the control to the CRIF to verify the credit situation of the customer.

The Assignment offers an additional benefit, a special reimbursement that requires the same employer or pension institution to take care of it. Which loan to request, Assignment of the Fifth or Personal Loan ? The Loan to be requested will be based on your needs, our consultants work on complete customer assistance.


What do I need to apply for a wedding loan?

To complete your loan request to get married we need:

  • Identity card;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Last paycheck or last payslip.

The Loan will subsequently be taken over by our operators who will meticulously follow the progress of the practice. You can request the Loan Estimate for marriage easily online from your smartphone or PC.


I need loans of 1000 euros urgently


There are times in life where money is scarce and the only solution is to ask for a loan urgently. In these cases the best advice is to remain calm, although it may seem contradictory, because when requesting financing it is very important not to convey the feeling that your need is very urgent. Because normally getting a loan of 1000 euros is not something that is achieved today for tomorrow.

Although it is a relatively small amount, it is not easy to get some help without paperwork. However, from Crediterion we offer you an easy solution like our quick comparator, which in less than a minute will offer you a complete offer of loans adapted to your needs. No matter your financial profile, our comparator collects loans without payroll or endorsement, and even with financial credit institutions list.

And all this without unnecessary paperwork, since our simple form will not ask you for more information about the essentials with the sole objective of offering you a personalized loan comparison as quickly as possible. To do this you just have to indicate the amount, in this case look for loans of 1000 euros, the return period in months, and other basic information to know your financial profile.

As soon as you click on the compare button, you will get a 1,000-euro loan list as quickly as possible so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. As you can see, getting money today is something easy and fast with our loan comparison. So do not leave it until tomorrow, and ask for help to find the financing solution you need. We have the widest Internet offer, we have information from hundreds of websites.

How to get credits of 1000 euros already

How to get credits of 1000 euros already

If you want to know how to get credits of 1000 euros you have to know that it is not as difficult as it seems. Fortunately, an amount of money like that is still quite small. So there are many financing entities that can give you a solution. What is more difficult is to get a loan today for tomorrow, since for credits of 1000 euros it is difficult to do it without paperwork.

Because as we told you to get that amount of money you will have to justify that you have some kind of income, which does not mean that you can not get loans without payrolls or endorsements, and even with financial credit institutions or rai. To get credits of 1000 euros already, you just have to enter our quick comparator, and in less than a minute you can get a list of urgent credits, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Even without payroll or endorsement, or if you have some kind of incidence with financial credit institutions.

And all this without paperwork or long waits, just fill out our form to get a credit already, indicating as amount loans of 1000 euros or more, the months to return the money, and other basic financial data. As quick and easy as clicking, and you will get a list of credits of 1000 euros so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Loans as urgent and no-payroll solutions

Loans as urgent and no-payroll solutions

SMS Credit is an easy and fast comparator, so it is the best solution to find urgent loans without payroll. We analyze and compare for you the best solutions in financing, even those available without payroll and with financial credit institutions.

Our team of financial experts weekly reviews the information available on hundreds of websites, both banks and fast-loan companies. So if you need an urgent money solution, you just have to perform a search in our comparator, indicating loans of 1000 euros or another amount, and then, once you have selected the return period, fill in the “what do you do?” “

The fact that you are unemployed or self-employed without a fixed payroll will not be a problem. Once you press the button and in less than a minute, you will have access to a comparison with the best urgent loans without payroll.

I need money now and I am with a non-payment in financial credit institutions

I need money now and I am with a non-payment in financial credit institutions

Maybe you wonder, what if I need money and I’m in financial credit institutions?. Well, it is not a problem, although it will be more difficult for you to get a loan in the best conditions. In Crediterion we review hundreds of websites to offer a selection of the best loans, even for difficult cases without payroll or with financial credit institutions.

Keep in mind that for this type of financing you will no longer be able to rely on the help of banks, but rather on entities specialized in loans for people with a riskier financial profile. Remember that if you already have a non-payment with financial credit institutions, it will be harder for someone to give you a loan.

But that does not mean that there is no solution. However, what is true is that you will have to be prepared to pay more money for your loan, since the interest and expenses for people who need money and are defaulted on financial credit institutions, are much higher than for people who have a sheet of clean defaults. So in summary, if you need money urgently and also have a record in financial credit institutions we recommend you enter today in our comparator. Fill out our form indicating the amount of money you need, as well as the return period in months, select what your occupation is to know if you need financing without a payroll, and indicate your real situation with financial credit institutions.

It is useless to hide an unpaid, all companies that grant credit are attached to lists of defaulters, so they have all the information available in those files. So better not lie to them now, because in the end you will end up discovering them. Once you click on the SMS Credit Comparison button, you will be able to obtain a comparison of loans that you can get even with financial credit institutions. You only have to select the cheapest one to be able to enjoy your money today.

Apply for a payday loan: how much it costs and what to watch out for

No Comments Loan

For a renovation, a car or a trip: if we are looking for a loan, we need to know how to move carefully.

Here are some tips to avoid pitfalls and identify the financing that best meets our needs.

First of all, we check that the market operator we are addressing is either an authorized bank or financial institution, or is registered in the register of credit intermediaries or agents in financial activities.

We then avoid operators who ask for a fee in advance, before the provision of a loan that may not even arrive, and we always ask for a copy of the loan agreement before signing.

To understand how much it costs a loan, we examine the items indicated in the Evolunar the European module that is delivered during the pre-contractual phase, a very useful document to compare the various loan proposals.

The TAN, the annual interest rate applied to the loan, ie the return that the bank will obtain from the loaned money, must be taken into account.

But the most indicative item is the APR, the annual percentage rate on the amount loaned, which includes all the expenses that we will have to bear: preliminary investigation (equal to 1% of the amount provided), opening of the file (for loans up to 18 months stamp duty is 14.62 euros), sending communications and possibly underwriting a loan protection policy (here the costs vary from 2% to 10% of the amount financed). The APR does not include the penalty usually provided for in the event of early repayment of the loan (variable from bank to bank but not more than 1% of the capital).

To face any purchase in installments with the necessary awareness (avoiding the risk of over – indebtedness ) and to better manage our credit and financial situation, we can turn to tools such as Advanti or Advanti 365.