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Today we will talk about who, how and where you can get a mini-credit of 50 1,500 euros in a maximum time of ten minutes.

You will see that you can get out of the hassle you are in right now, either by that failure in the car that you must repair, the payment of an urgent or unexpected debt, the purchase of something that you can not postpone.

The possibilities or problems to be solved are very broad, and the amount of one thousand five hundred euros is therefore well chosen: it is the maximum for a loan to be considered mini-credit, and it is the amount that the contingencies usually have for families in Spain.

Get a payday loan online with us

Payday loans online are the fastest-growing product in Europe and Spain. They are easy to obtain, they are cheap, they are flexible, and there are many options, and without resorting to banks that have rigid and inflexible requirements, to which you must go personally… in short, a payday loan online is an innovative product.

Although each company has its own requirements and requirements, since some provide much larger amounts, others ask for guarantees and others do so in their own way, the minimum requirements are practically the same in all companies, at least for mini-credits of up to € 1,500.

The requirements that could require you are:

  1. Have your ID or NIE in force at the time of requesting the mini-credit
  2. Be between 18 and 65 years old
  3. Have a mobile phone that can receive SMS
  4. Have an email when making the request
  5. An active bank account
  6. Reside in Spain during the loan

Depending on the banking institution, they could also ask you as requirements:

  1. Copy of your payroll or pension
  2. Not be enrolled in Financial Credit Institutions or similar listings
  3. Certain seniority as a client
  4. Some seniority in the job you have
  5. Demonstrate the destiny of the mini-credit

Normally, as we have told you, only the cousins ​​will demand six requirements, and some of the requirements of the second list. It is very rare, although we can not guarantee that it will not happen, that you demand the total of the requirements, to be able to access a fast mini-credit of € 1500.

Advantages of online quick mini-credits

We tell you before the requirements that its advantages, because we can talk to you better about this: the requirements are its main characteristic, since its access is simple fast, and anyone, practically, can access an online mini-credit.

The essence of mini-credits is, precisely, to provide financing to those who have difficulties, or even impossible, to access a loan in the usual financial institutions, such as banks or savings banks.

Not only that, the interests are much lower than those of such loans from a life-long bank, for example. Simply because the interest is convertible monthly, and the short duration of the loan, allows the interests to be lower.

We speak now of this last point: minicreditos, in addition to being a small amount of money, is also paid in a short period of time, normally it is from one to three months.

The main reason is that a quick mini-credit, at least in European countries, lacks the social sense that it had when it was born years ago in Asia. Its essence in Europe is to provide the money that you will later get, but that you need right now, without being a loan, but as a kind of advance of your payroll.

A final advantage is the flexibility that companies have to manage the loans allows them to grant deferments of payments or defaults, reducing costs, fines or interest arrears.

How to get an online mini-credit of € 1,500 in 10 minutes

Yes, in ten minutes, and from the comfort of your home, being able to use your computer, tablet or mobile. Many companies have their own application, whether for the Google or Apple market, and to a much lesser extent, Microsoft.

Before telling you the procedure, you should know that many companies request certain digitized documents. You must scan them, avoiding photographing them, because the flash or the light makes them illegible.

These documents are:

  • DNI or NIE on both sides
  • Payroll or pension
  • Copy of your bank account book
  • Proof of address

You must be clear that all the requirements must be under the ownership of the credit applicant. That is, you can not have a bank account or mobile phone with a name other than the credit applicant.

Well, this is the process to request 1,500 € in 10 minutes.

1.- Make the request

The first thing is, after choosing the company that best suits you, is to make your request.

Normally, each company has its request box on the main page, you just have to slide for it.

You only have to declare the quantity requested and the amount of time necessary to liquidate it.

Click on Request

2.- Create your account

Next, you should normally create your account in the chosen company, asking you to create a password and confirm it, either with a password received via SMS or by email.

This is where you must formalize the application for your credit, since the first step is only to create your profile.

If you do not confirm your account, your credit request will not be made, and obviously, you will not get an answer at any time.

3.- Fill your data

Next, you must fill in all your personal data. Be careful, because anything that does not match the ID or any document, in the best case, will delay the authorization of your loan, even the refusal of it.

In addition to the general information such as name, address, telephone, ID, you would be asked, depending on the company, data on your employment, seniority and amount of income. In addition, a box where you must attach the documentation that we indicated at the beginning of this section.

4.- Accept the contract

Companies give you the opportunity to accept or reject the loan, even if it has already been processed. Some companies, depending on the level of risk that the company considers of your credit profile, can make a different counter proposal.

It only remains that, seeing the conditions of the contract, accept or reject the conditions and receive the money in the bank account that you sent.

Typical conditions for the € 1,500 quick mini-credits

There are certain conditions that are almost identical in all companies that grant loans of € 1500. They are the following:

  1. The interest rates are personalized, since it is the client who chooses the term and amount.
  2. It is normally paid in a single exhibition, although there are already companies that extend the term up to six months (monthly payments).
  3. No guarantee is required for the granting of the € 1,500 microcredit
  4. There is management of defaults and arrears
  5. There are no management or operating expenses
  6. It is totally online
  7. Companies reward loyalty, so that, properly fulfilling the first loan, you can access a greater amount and term in the second loan and successive